Virtual Filing Cabinet

The following is a work in progress. This is mostly done with eighth grade and Eighth grade Algebra 1 in mind.

Functions and some graph stuff

interpreting distance time graphs    Matching graphs and stories


Staircase worksheet Good way to start into steepness (my students this year really clung to height/base for slope)

Slope from stairs A modification a teacher made from Dan Meyer’s steepest slope contest.The worksheet I used for my students to measure stairs around our building stairs to slope challenge b.

slope dude Who doesn’t enjoy this video?

slope r mario  Fun way to review characteristics of slope.


Linear Equations

y = mx + b  activities  Desk hop, rules of 4, matching graphs, y=mx+b song,  and foldables (if  that’s your thing)

Linear Matching Game  Includes graph, equations, tables, context, and description.

FAL- Lines and Linear Equations

Doughnut Stand – Mathalicious (need membership to see)- I used a similar progression with these mathalicious lessons this year.

Domino Effect      Mathalicious (need membership to see)

Locks of love  Mathalicious (need membership to see)

iCost  Mathalicious (need membership to see)

Can Music Kill You?  Mathalicious (need membership to see)

Interesting linear equation ideas A bunch of activities that seem interesting.

Lady Gaga Linear Equations Yeah, this is real. I have not used it, but it is a funny idea.

Walk the Plank Illuminations lesson that involves graphing linear relationships. It looks fun!

Solving Equations in One Variable

Yummy Math and My thoughts Fantasy football link through here, and a reminder for myself about equations units

Geology Rocks Equations Lesson  Illuminations lesson using balances and boxes

Algebra Toolbox blog Several very good practice activities for solving equations. Equations always need practice, and these ideas bring fun to that practice.

Building and Solving Equations 1 A FAL from mathshell.

Review Auction Game This is a great review game set up with equations.

Find the Mistake Snowball fight I have used this idea in a different way, but I like this method a lot.

Systems of Equations

Detention Buy out Fun video/ problem to start with.

Warmsnugs This is a great problem using systems.

Alien Search and Shade

Using Excel to Solve I really like this method, and I am excited to try it.

Battleship and Mines

Index cards for substitution Good method to teach substitution.

worksheet for substitution  a fun worksheet 

Systems Livebinder

Stacking Cups This has four set of cups stacked. Students would need to solve for certain situations

Graphing systems activities  This is a few worksheets/activities that use finding and checking solutions to equations

Little Debbie Systems Problem Fun Problem where students will solve for the price of cookies and the creme in an oatmeal pie.

Solving systems Scavenger hunt throughout the School Fun Activity with the solutions to systems. Perhaps I will change to something with objects in my class.

Practice Sheets Some worksheets.

Write Your Own Word Problem These might be for a higher level.

Systems of Equations Reference Sheet These might be for a higher level.

Legos Idea This is really for inequalities.  Don’t forget the laundry problem at the bottom of this post.

Hot under the collar Mars problem

Chips and Candy Mars problem

Chuck E Cheeese problem Kaplinsky problem

Catch up Three Act comparing Julio Jones to a news anchor

Basketball shots A Stadel 3 Act

Linear Inequalities

Sweet Snacks A Stadel 3 jAct

Inequalites sort

Trashketball problems

Angles with Transversals

Coloring congruent angles

Parallel line maze


Stadel modeling idea

Transversals vocabulary game

flashcards idea


Quadratic Functions

Using lines to discover quadratics

Collections that are Awesome

Other than a worksheet An awesome livebinder with activities/games for practice or learning.

Kraft’s virtual filing cabinet Great middle school resources.

Problem Based curriculum maps For middle school and high school, but working on elementary. These are wonderful.

Shah’s virtual filing cabinet Mostly High School resources, but awesome stuff for all to find.

KFouss’s PrecalculusAlgebra II, and Algebra I Virtual Filing Cabinets

JRuelbach’s list of MS blogs,math resources, and Sunday Funday’s


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